Dry Shampoo Spray- Facts and Buying Tips


All dry shampoos are not created equal. Some, of course, are highly priced than others; some can be more dependable while others should be avoided by people with some particular types of hair. When it comes to our beauty, we all understand how valuable dry shampoo spray is, but to help choose the right brand and type of shampoo for your beauty and hair needs, here are some facts and buying tips.

Shampoo Spray Facts

The most notable shampoo spray fact is perhaps that some of the brands are available in colors. Rather than the original white residue, these colors are meant to leave behind a residue that is closer to hair’s color. However, colored dry shampoo sprays have a problem of getting on hands, skin and clothes, eventually staining them. It is wise to get dressed after using; it’s a must to brush out the residue completely and not to allow the hair to get wet after using as in a rain shower to avoid the consequences.

Dry shampoo spray Brands

There are quite a few when it comes to shampoo spray brands, from which to choose.  Here is a list of the most common dry shampoo spray brand;

  • Algemarin Dry shampoo – which is priced cheap and claims to have a higher decreasing power than some other brands.
  • Batiste: It is low priced and one of the original brands, with high performance and scent options.
  • Bumble: It is high priced, with good performance, but reviewers complain that the colour is staining.
  • Ojin Dry shampoo which is environmentally friendly, mid-range priced but has an issue of a clogged nozzle.
  • Psst Dry Shampoo which happens to be the lowest priced. You would like to try it without making a significant investment if it is your first time to try dry shampoos.

Why use a dry shampoo?

One of the reasons people may use dry shampoo could be where water is unavailable. However, apart from that, you may wish to use dry shampoo because of any of the following reasons:

  • Reduces stripping of color by the traditional shampoos
  • For an expensive blow-out, it extends its life
  • Makes it easier to style the hair
  • Other than washing and drying the hair, it takes less time.
  • Since the natural protective oils are not stripped, it minimizes hair damage.
  • It freshens hair if you are coming from a sweaty, smoky or an otherwise smelly situation.

Even though some sprays use higher end ingredients, or all natural or eco-friendly ingredients, the base of all the product is the same; a degreasing talc absorbing oil on the scalp, replacing it with a fresh and clean scent, with a more beautiful feeling and looking head of hair. It’s only hydrophobic soils like natural oils and oil-based styling products that are absorbed by dry shampoo, hence, depending on your hair, budget and what you are looking at, utilize these tips to choose the best dry shampoo. See more: http://www.dryshampoos.com/.